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Home is where the heart is. And the time has probably come to do some renovation and repairs after many many years of neglect. So, is this a good time to consider roof replacement for your home?

It probably hasn’t entered your mind considering your roof still looks okay – on the surface.

When it comes to roofing system evaluation or renovation, it’s best to call in the experts. This can be a painstakingly long process but worth every dime you pay to get it fixed right away.

Offering the finest roofing services in Woodbridge, Virginia, we at K&M Roofing are more than glad to assist you with your needs.

Never wait for another year to have your damaged roof fixed. It usually gets costlier the longer you let this linger.

Looking for a reliable roofing company is the first thing that should come to mind when it comes to roofing systems. It’s better to get professional help than having to constantly worry where the next leakage may come from after a heavy downpour.

A quality roofing system should withstand extreme weather over the years. With us, rest assured that you’re calling the right guys to do the job.

Signs You May Need Roof Repair

Here are some signs that you’ll need to consider a roof repair professional:

  • Unusual granule loss

If you suddenly see small piles of black granules collected in gutters or downspouts, this means that your roof is failing to function efficiently. It also indicates your roof’s shingles have started to fall out and needed replacement as soon as possible.

  • Shingles pop out

There are many angles to consider with regard to popping shingles. It could be due to severe hail impact resulting in damage or insufficient attic air circulation.

Attic temperatures going beyond 120 degrees also cause shingles to blister.

  • Loosened or missing shingles

Extreme weather conditions such as windstorms and snow may cause some of the nails holding the shingles down to pop out. This may cause damage to your roof and will require a roofing contractor to intervene.


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  • Roof that has not been replaced for more than 20 to 25 years

Aging roofs are the likely culprit for leaking ceilings. The standard roof life span counts between 20 to 25 years. After this, expect repairs to be done more often than usual. An aging roof may require a roofing system overhaul.

  • Sudden spike in your electricity bills

While this may be obvious especially during summer and winter seasons, a sudden increase in your billing expense may mean some of the hot or cold air is not properly insulated by your roofing system.

  • Singles starts to curl

Curling shingles could mean a lot of things. It could be they weren’t lined up correctly when they’re being laid down, poor attic air circulation, or they’ve simply worn out. We are one of the best roofer in Virginia to install a proper roofing system and avoid this kind of trouble on your end.

If these signs seem familiar to you, our roofing services are prepared to face these challenges and give you high-quality roofing system to last for a long time.

Research can be overwhelming especially if you don’t have any idea where to begin.

To simplify, here are some noteworthy considerations before calling in for roofing estimates:

  • Types of roofing materials

Each roofing material is made for a specific purpose.

Asphalt shingles are considered the most popular option due to cost-efficiency, durability, and aesthetics.

Slate is another traditional type that clients prefer because it’s low maintenance and waterproof. It’s also lightweight and could last up to 50 years of usage.

Some homeowners feel wood shakes work best with traditional home designs. While it may require some extra effort on the maintenance, it can last for up to 30 years even with extreme weather conditions.

Metal roofing is a likely roofing material you’ll see in most residential and business establishments today. High-grade metal such as lead, steel, aluminum, and copper usually last up to 75 years and fit well with most contemporary architectural homes and establishments.

  • You may experience some restlessness

We will be honest with you. We are sure that you wouldn’t want a silent roof contractor working up there.

It can get loud the moment we take out the damaged roof – shingles and all.

It’s best to talk with your family or business associates and employees about these changes so you can plan accordingly.

  • Ask around

If you have family members, co-workers, or associates who had their roof done recently, it might be best to ask for advice. It might even give you better sleep after you’ve made a decision to talk with our professional contractors.

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Your budget and needs are our utmost priority. When you decide to avail of our services, you are assured of quality work.

We provide various roofing maintenance and replacements tailored to your needs.

Your roof tends to collect leaves, dirt, and other debris over time leading to clogged gutters. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, our roof specialists are equipped with the proper tools and expertise to have your roofs properly cleaned.

The harsh elements of nature such as extreme hot and cold weather, windy seasons, and hailstorms could do a lot of damage to your roofs. As part of our roofing services, we have a team of experts who do roof coating to keep your roof in tip-top shape all season.

Our roof coating services also work on standard roofing systems including metal types.

Our roofing system also has a temperature regulation feature to deflect heat from entering your homes or offices. This might mean more savings from your electricity bill.

We do general maintenance services from assessing to the removal of infectious and damaging molds, moss, mildews, and algae. We make it our goal to provide safety first for your family or office workers.

If you need enhancements or a simple upgrade from traditional to a metal roof, our skilled workers provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to your roofing needs.

When you notice your roof requires some maintenance or roofing replacement any time soon, don’t hesitate to contact K&M Roofing and Contracting. Call now to schedule a FREE estimate.