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Over the years, construction experts have come to realize the unarguable importance of good siding structures on buildings. But then, finding the best service providers to do the magic, has not always come easy. For residents in the Sterling Virginia axis, however, K&M Roofing & Contracting has shown a lot of reasons to be called the people’s brand. At K&M Roofing & Contracting, our high-quality antecedents and dedication to the client’s satisfaction, has remarkably singled us out of the crowd.

We are ever committed to bringing you the best of siding services, as we intend to continually build and maintain the positive track records that now speaks for us.

Sterling Siding Services

We have been providing high-quality siding services in Sterling, VA for almost 2 decades now. Through the years, we have worked so hard in catering to the siding needs of Sterling residents and homeowners. With great pride, our company has always paid attention to every single detail of all our siding projects - making sure we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to the delivery of all siding services we offer. This is the reason why we are the best siding company in Virginia.


Siding Maintenance Services

With years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with the best siding maintenance services that will keep the exterior of your house in good condition. Since your siding protects your home from the forces of nature and other elements, it’s important to have a regular maintenance routine. Ideally, it’s best to have your sidings checked at least once every year.

Though most people think that siding maintenance is just about cleaning, it actually covers a lot of things. Siding maintenance varies depending on the siding materials used. Therefore, you need a reliable siding company like us that’s knowledgeable in all types of siding systems.

Siding Cleaning

It may not be common to some, but sidings require cleaning and washing as well. Being situated outside the house, you can only imagine how much dirt, grime, and debris it can accumulate over time. If left uncleaned, these things can cause siding problems in the future. Furthermore, having a messy siding can be unattractive and unpleasant to the eye.

Siding Coating

Siding coating adds an extra layer of protection that makes your siding extra durable. The type of siding coating varies depending on the material used for your siding. Therefore, vinyl, metal, and other siding materials will have different coating products.


Siding Maintenance

There’s a wide variety of procedures required to maintain the appearance and condition of your siding. These procedures will vary depending on the materials used for the installation of your sidings. Here at K&M Roofing Sterling Virginia, we’ve handled and experienced all types of siding materials and worked on all kinds of siding systems.

Siding Insurance Claims Sterling, Virginia

If you know and take the right approach to siding insurance, then you may end up spending significantly less, on your siding repairs and/or replacements. Unfortunately, however, not so many people know how the siding insurance works, so most times, they fall prey to dubious activities of some siding contractor along the street.

We help you go about your siding insurance claims in Sterling Virginia- hence removing the difficulties and uncertainties that you might have already had. Even if you’re not too sure of how to file the claims, we can help you through the processes from scratch to finish. The idea is to make sure that you make the demands and eventually win the insurance claims because sincerely, that is what ultimately makes us happy about the solutions that we're providing.

Sterling Siding Installation

K&M Roofing Sterling Virginia offers premium siding replacement and installation services. As a service provider, we strongly believe that it’s our duty to provide superior siding installation services with top-notch quality materials. This is the main reason why we have built a great relationship with some of the best siding suppliers and manufacturers so we can provide our customers with the best assortment of high-quality materials at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, some sidings that have sustained major damages cannot be salvaged with repairs. Therefore, the main solution is to totally replace them. Our company takes pride in providing superior yet affordable siding replacement all over Sterling, VA.

We also do siding installation for new homeowners. We have a great experience in handling all types of siding materials from metal and wood to vinyl. Using the correct siding materials that fit the needs of your home has a lot of benefits like lower utility costs and a healthier environment at home. Here at K&M Roofing Sterling Virginia, we do our best to keep our customers informed about the best materials to use for their sidings. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to make sure that they are part of the process.

Siding Replacement

You'll acknowledge that house sidings don't last forever, so you may need to replace them when the need arises. It is crucial that you know when exactly you need a siding replacement, so you don’t waste more money on trying the repairs. Note that since the start of our company, our siding contractor services have been made to include certain customer advisory roles. This means that at K&M Roofing & Contracting, we also help you do the thorough assessments on the state of your siding, and subsequently advise you promptly on what steps to take.

Siding Installation

One good way to enhance the appearance of your new home is to install sidings. Nonetheless, this is just a little part of how beneficial having a siding installed. In more ways than one, properly installed siding improves your household. For one, it can help regulate the temperature within your house. There are various siding materials available that have powerful insulating properties. Ultimately, using the correct materials that fit the needs of your home can bring you advantageous perks such as lower utility costs and a healthier home environment. To top it all off, you get to enjoy added protection against inclement weather conditions and threatening elements.

Sterling Siding Repairs

Sometimes, all you need to do to get back that cozy house interior is to carry out a general siding repair. However, always remember that the quality of repairs, also significantly determines what levels of improvements you’ll be getting at the end of the day.

At K&M Roofing & Contracting, we ensure that all siding repair jobs are done, with an ultimate objective of not just removing the existing siding problems, but also bringing more aesthetic value to the concerned building. We have importantly excelled in this scope, and have consequently remained the best siding repair service provider in all of Sterling, Virginia. Hence, you can rely on our company’s top-notch services in finding out the very issues, as well as proffering the best solutions that would stand the test of time.

Note that one important factor that facilitates the K&M Roofing & Contracting company's siding repair outputs, is its team of expertise service consultants. All of our men have vast knowledge in the various best siding repair routines- so you have nothing to worry about.

Another thing you're guaranteed to get- if you’re coming to us for your siding repair, is the best pricing you can find anywhere.

Common Siding Repair

Inevitably, your home’s siding can experience common siding problems such as fading and cracking. Luckily, these kinds of problems are easy to repair. However, improper repairs done on your siding can result in a bigger problem later on. This is why you’re encouraged to hire siding experts to prevent this from happening. Keep in mind that, even though these kinds of repairs seem relatively easy, the chance of your siding failing can increase if you allow unreliable contractors to work on it.

Complex Siding Repair

Oftentimes, your siding can suffer from warping, bulking, or moisture problems. Now, these problems can be very sensitive. This is why most of these types of problems remain unnoticed until noticeable warning signs started showing. Nonetheless, we are confident we can fix your siding, regardless of the severity of its damage. We guarantee to restore your siding back to its glorious condition no matter what.

Some Of The Siding Types We Make For Your Building

James Hardie Siding

As far as building sidings are concerned, the James Hardie siding is still one of the best and most recommended ones out there. If you’re looking for a siding that truly has the good looks and is very much durable, then the Hardie siding could just be your best bet. Firstly, you’ll be impressed with the fiber cement siding’s remarkable moisture and weather resistant qualities. These traits make it lasts for a relatively long time than other siding types would possibly do.

On another hand, James Hardie sidings require little or almost no maintenance over a long period. This means you can worry less about siding repair or replacement costs, for at least a little longer.

We ensure that we do the proper finishing on your James Hardie siding so that you can truly enjoy the product’s advantages at their best. Now, although this siding type is generally a little pricier than the other siding types on the list, the merits are worth the price- and you shouldn’t fail to consider the option.

Metal Siding

Metal sidings are also a good option for various siding works, especially for such as apartments, factories, and office sidings. They are very effective siding options and can be either of aluminum or steel products. The advantage in these is that they require lesser repairs and maintenance than the earlier wood siding options.

We make use of well-crafted metal sidings- some of which may have such quality aesthetic appeal like the wood siding options. If we’re handling the job, then you can be sure that your metal sidings would come in less corrosive materials- hence further reducing your maintenance bills for the months to come.


Vinyl Siding

In recent times, many more people now prefer vinyl sidings for their buildings. The vinyl sidings can be used for a fresh siding project, or as a siding replacement option for wood sidings. Although this is very likely not the most durable siding, it is importantly resistant to pest and insect invasions and would cost just a little on the maintenance.

According to industry observations and statistics, the majority of new homes tend to go for vinyl sidings. This is partly because they are very much resistant to the effects of the elements, and are not likely to corrode or rot with time. Asides their important feature advantages, they’re also, in fact, less pricey than the natural wood siding options.

Now, note that there are different vinyl siding products out there, and there are a number of traits that reliably suggest a product's quality and functionality. Due to our garnered experiences over the years, the K&M Roofing & Contracting has a regular update on the markets, thus we know the right products at all times.

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