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Siding Services

K&M Roofing Herndon Virginia is the best company to help you with all your siding needs. Aside from our roofing services, our company is known to provide the best and the most extensive siding solutions to all Herndon residents and homeowners. We have one main mission - to be the most sought after siding company all throughout Virginia. Each year, we are proud to say that we are getting closer to our goal.

With our dedicated siding experts and our great reputation in providing the best siding results, we have won the hearts, trust, and loyalty of most people living in Herndon, VA and nearby areas. We are grateful for their outstanding feedback, 5-star reviews and glowing recommendations that help us in getting more customers.

For years, we have been Herndon’s go-to siding company and soon,  we aim to be one of the country’s go-to companies in providing comprehensive siding services.

Just like our roofs, the siding of our homes play a vital part in keeping your house’s overall look and protecting you from extreme weather conditions. This is the main reason why our company works extremely hard to offer siding solutions that can withstand the wrath of nature and test of time.

Here at K&M Roofing Herndon Virginia, we always exceed our customers’ expectations. We always want to challenge ourselves in providing better services each and every single day. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best so we go the extra mile by subscribing to the latest siding methodologies, updates, and technology to serve our customers better.

K&M Roofing Herndon Virginia is made up of committed and dedicated siding professionals. They work efficiently using state-of-the-art siding tools and equipment. Moreover, our company only work with durable and trusted siding materials produced by the most reliable siding manufacturers and brands. Over the years, we have established a great relationship with these companies so we can offer a vast option to our customers when it comes to siding materials.

Herndon Siding Repair Services

We are known for our reliable siding repair services. Ever since we started serving the public, we have encountered a lot of siding problems that we were able to fix. These experiences honed us to be better at what we do. Regardless if it’s a simple siding problem or a more complicated one, you can trust that our team of experts will have it fixed in no time.

Even with regular maintenance, some unexpected siding problems can still arise. Therefore, it’s important to have a reputable siding company at your beck and call.

We are here to help you in fixing your siding problems - regardless of the type of siding materials used, type, and build. Just send us a message or give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation and quotation.


Siding Maintenance

Our siding maintenance services cover a lot of procedures to keep your siding in its pristine condition. Depending on the materials used for installation, our siding maintenance process has different variations. We will help you in keeping your siding properly and regularly maintained.

Siding Cleaning

Though it seems simple to just wash and clean your siding, it’s so much more than that. You need to make sure that all parts of your siding system will be properly cleaned to remove all possible dirt that can clog your system. This is the reason why it’s important to hire professionals like us to make sure that everything will be cleaned and covered properly.

Siding Coating

Aside from cleaning, you may also need to add an additional layer of protection to your siding. Side coating is a popular maintenance service for those who want to upgrade the overall look of their home without breaking the bank. The additional layer of protection will also make your sidings more durable.

Since there are different types of siding materials, the process and materials for siding coating also vary. Hiring experts like us who know the ins and outs of this siding service will make your life so much easier.


Siding Maintenance

Our siding maintenance services cover a lot of procedures to keep your siding in its pristine condition. Depending on the materials used for installation, our siding maintenance process has different variations. We will help you in keeping your siding properly and regularly maintained.

Herndon Siding Installation

As roofing specialists, we are always happy to help new homeowners in choosing the best siding for their homes. We help them by thoroughly explaining the pros and cons of each siding materials and build. By doing so, they can easily make decisions on what type of siding will work for them.

Aside from explaining all they need to know about the materials, we also make sure that our customers know our siding installation process. We answer all the questions and concerns they may have in order to understand how we will go about in installing their brand new siding.

Siding Replacement

At times, fixing damaged sidings just won’t do.  When the problem is too advanced and the roof is already unsalvageable, we advise our customers to have their siding replaced instead.

We understand that this is a daunting and costly process that most homeowners try to avoid. But we do our best to explain to our customers why it’s better and safer to go through this route. Moreover, we provide them with vast options that will meet their needs and style without costing them an arm and a leg.

Siding Installation

Primarily, we offer siding installations to new homeowners who are opting for a means to enhance the exterior of their home. With a rich collection of high-quality siding materials, we are confident that we will be able to yield satisfying results that match the theme and style of your home.

Siding Replacement and Installation Services

When a repair is no longer an option, we provide alternative solutions to our customers. We give our customers our honest opinion if siding replacement is actually better than patching up the problem temporarily with a repair.

Our superior siding replacement services will make you worry-free. We only use high-quality siding materials that can withstand time and the forces of nature.

Since we have decades of experience, it’s also within our areas of expertise to install sidings to residential houses. Properly installed siding can help in improving your household and regulating the temperature of your home. Hiring siding experts like K&M Roofing Chantilly Virginia will ease your worries and assures you that the job will be done correctly.

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For all your siding needs, be it repairs, maintenance, replacement, or installation, contact us. You can call us at (703) 369-1262. Rest assured that your questions and concerns will be answered by siding specialists.

If you are looking for a dependable, reliable, experienced, skilled, and trustworthy siding company, K&M Roofing Chantilly Virginia is the best company to call. Our customer service team is available all the time and is here to assist you.