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K&M Roofing and Contracting is a company renowned as an expert siding contractor in all of Fairfax, VA. For years, our roofing specialists and contractors have collected experience and knowledge about various architectural styles, giving us an advantage when it comes to siding structure, installation, and appearance. Whether you are in dire need of siding repairs or a complete siding reconstruction, you can rely on us to provide you with the best service and yield home siding results that will exceed your expectations.

Fairfax Siding Repairs

Regular upkeep and maintenance can keep the exterior of your home in good condition. However, there are circumstances wherein you might need repair services for your siding installations. Even with thorough maintenance, there are factors beyond our control that might negatively impact your siding or your exterior of your home.

Luckily, K&M Roofing and Contracting, unlike other roofing firms, offers siding services such as siding repair and maintenance. With a team of skilled installers and nothing but the best assortment of materials, K&M is definitely the best in siding repair projects in all of Virginia. We repair all types of siding, be it vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding. We guarantee that we definitely can fix any problematic siding-concerns you have.


Different Siding Options

Here at K&M Roofing and Contracting, we believe that a high-quality repair or installation starts with the use of high-quality siding materials and products. Consequently, this belief has pushed us to use nothing else but the best materials in the industry. Adhering to the highest standards when it comes to siding services, we make sure that we can constantly provide services with high caliber and use products with the best quality.

Vinyl Siding

Over the years, vinyl siding has been a siding option that most homeowners have come to love. This siding material has been engineered to resist various elements, making it durable and long-lasting even when used in areas that experience harsh weather conditions and prolific populations of pests. It also requires little maintenance and is highly resistant to UV rays, giving it ample protection from UV degradation. Furthermore, vinyl siding comes in a wide assortment of colors and coordinating trims, which can definitely help you reanimate the vision you have for your home’s exterior.

In addition to this, vinyl sidings actually come in various options that have distinct benefits and characteristics. But, fret not; K&M roofing experts and specialists will be more than willing to work with you in determining the best vinyl material for your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding, although slightly more expensive than vinyl siding, is definitely worth the money, especially with its natural resistance to hazards like fire, wind, rain, and pests. It is also perfect for homeowners who aim to achieve a traditional look for their home. As a bonus, fiber-cement siding has lower maintenance costs compared to other siding options. So even with a higher initial and installation price, you can definitely save more money in the long run, making this material a more practical choice.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is, without a doubt, the best fiber-cement siding on the market. While it is mainly a brand of fiber cement siding material, it actually has built a reputation for itself while gaining popularity over the years. What sets it apart from other fiber-cement options is its elegant and classy real wood appearance, despite having been constructed from cement, water, sand, and wood fiber.

Aside from its durable and attractive composition, one of the best features of James Hardie siding is its superior insulating properties that can create a cost-efficient environment in your home. In addition to this, it requires little maintenance compared to wood sidings, effectively helping you save money and time by cutting a chunk from maintenance costs.

Proudly, K&M Roofing and Contracting has been a prime installer of James Hardie siding in Fairfax, VA for a number of years. With vast knowledge about architectural styles, a team of highly skilled roofing specialists, and high-quality siding material such as James Hardie, K&M guarantees that your home will definitely sport a look that no one will ever forget.

Fairfax Siding Installation

Oftentimes, it is quite inevitable for your pre-existing siding to deteriorate. Even with thorough maintenance checks and repairs, there are factors beyond our control that can contribute to the break down of your siding. This includes harsh weather conditions and your siding material’s lifespan. But regardless of the cause of your siding’s deterioration, it is important to have it replaced by a certified siding contractor such as K&M Roofing and Contracting.

One of the telltale signs that your siding needs immediate replacement is fading. Once you notice that your pre-existing siding has faded, it usually means that it has to be replaced by a new one. Fading occurs due to overexposure from the sun or other harsh weather conditions. It’s a sign that your siding has weakened, making it vulnerable to various types of problems.

Another indicator that you need to install a new siding is warping. This condition makes your siding appear bent or warped, usually indicating that the underlayer is rotting. Unfortunately, this problem is beyond repair and will need immediate siding replacement.

Peeling paint or wallpaper is also another warning sign that you need new sidings. Most of the time, peeling paint or wallpaper is an indicator that moisture has seeped in through your infrastructure. While it might seem normal outside, it usually means that your structure is severely damaged that moisture is able to penetrate through the system. This, if left unchecked, can result to worse conditions such as mold and mildew growth. And needless to say, these conditions will call for a new siding installation.

Last, but definitely not the least, is dry rot. Now, this can be a little tricky. Dry rot is usually really hard to determine. Oftentimes, it is noticed by homeowners when the siding has eventually reached a severe level of damage. Nevertheless, you can inspect your siding by slightly tapping around the bottom. Siding that suffers from dry rot will usually fall apart even with just a slight tap. Clearly, it goes without saying that you will need it replaced, especially since your siding crumbles at the slightest touch.

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